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WIFI Solutions

With the world going wireless, technology has opened the doors to a newer level of communications.  As wireless technology is quickly developing and most of us depend on WiFi one way or the other, the impact it creates in our lives is immeasurable.

Service Details

Internet Connectivity for your business is crucial in the modern office environment. Employees and clients will almost certainly expect a quality business WiFi network to connect their devices too.  Any visitors you receive at your business will also expect a reliable connection. A well designed and secure WiFi network is, therefore, vital for your home or business.


Wi-Fi is a brand name describing the set of product specifications (802.11 x) used for wireless local area networks (WLANs). It was initially developed as an in-building LAN network for mobile computing devices and as a convenient and cost-effective alternative to cabling.

We Provide Wifi solutions for home, offices, buildings, campus, hotels, hospitals, public places, wherever required.

Wifi Solutions Features

  • User Management
  • Policy Manager
  • URL Tracking
  • Bandwidth Control
  • SMS Authentication
  • Billing Solution
  • Content Filtering
  • Traffic Analysis